Temtem Wiki

The following is a guide to how the various kinds of pages on the Temtem are to be set up, structured, and formatted. This is to help keep pages consistent with each other, along with making it easier for editors, both new and old, to read and edit.

Page types[]

General guidelines[]

  • The first instance of the page's name should be bolded. This is usually in the first sentence of the article, often called the page's description or "lede".
    • Bolding outside of this should be used sparingly and to emphasize major points, as too much bolding can make things hard to read or confuse readers on what is/isn't important.
  • If a page has multiple instances of a word that can be used to link to another page outside of infoboxes, only make the first instance a link.
  • All proper names such as Temtem, Items, Locations, NPC Name, etc. should have the first letter capitalized.
  • Place spaces between various places such as between "==" and the title of the section or in various templates. This increases readability in the source editor. Editing a page to clean up this formatting is always appreciated.
  • Links should use the proper name of the page to reduce the number of redirects. To change what the link says, separate the page name and the word(s) or phrase that you want to use with a "|".


Suggestions should ONLY be related to Temtem Wiki and not the game itself. If you want to get into contact with the developers of Temtem, please utilize the official Discord, forums, or the game's Steam Forums.