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Quests are tasks given to the player, allowing them to progress through the story or obtain rewards. They are split into main quests that directly relate to the main story campaign and side quests which are optional and provide various rewards.

Main Quests[]

Main quests drive the central narrative of the game. They unlock new content, such as permitting the player to travel to previously inaccessible area. Main quests are sequential and require completion of the previous main quest.

  • Mainquetsicon represents a main quest on the on the Quest Tracker.
  • MapMainQuest represents the location of the next objective of a main quest on the map.
  1. First Steps
  2. Flight of the Narwhal
  3. Adventure in the Myrisles
  4. A trip to Kisiwa...
  5. Shipwrecked in Tucma!
  6. First Aid
  7. Free Matthew
  8. Beached Narwhal
  9. Water Supply
  10. Find Kemal
  11. The Battle of Kisiwa
  12. Return of the Narwhal
  13. Intrigue in Cipanku
  14. Digital Vanishings
  15. In Memory of Max
  16. A Castle Too High
  17. The End of Innocence

Side Quests[]

Side quests are optional tasks that have no direct bearing on the progression of the main plot and can be completed at the player's discretion. Completing side quests rewards the player with various rewards such as healing or gear items.

  • Sidequesticon represents a side quest on the Quest Tracker.
  • MapNewQuest represents the starting location of a side quest on the map.
  • MapQuest represents the location of the next objective of a side quest on the map.

"Requirements" for side quests only include additional criteria that are required after reaching the starting NPC. For example, Paparazzo requires you to have obtained a surfboard and an airship ticket to even reach the NPC. However, that is assumed in the requirements of reaching Omninesia so only the Lift Key is listed under requirements. Additionally, only the most advanced requirement is listed. For example, Better Future: Ariadne requires a Lift Key and access to Kisiwa; because having a lift key is a requirement for reaching Kisiwa, only the latter is listed.

The wiki calls 2 types of side quest lists. The details among them vary and may not be accurate.

Name Quest Type Starting Location Starting NPC Requirements Reward
A Better Future Side Sillaro River Minos or Pasiphaë. See sub-quests WishYouWell Coin (x5)
Angry Kami Side Neoedo Yoko Access to the Ryokan Hacked Microchip, Access to the Digital Kami Shrine
Anti-Antiquarian Side Mudshire Cromlech Gormlaith None TC043: Restore
MosuMosu Lvl. 72
Archipelagian Solidarity Side Neoedo Satoru None 5000Pansuns
Archipelago Colors Side The Flywalk Ara Access to Tucma and Kisiwa 3600 Pansuns
Better Future: Ariadne Side Sillaro River Ariadne Lift key, Access to Kisiwa 1,000 Pansuns
Better Future: Asterion Side Sillaro River Asterion Complete First Steps 700Pansuns or PewkiPewki Lvl. 15
Better Future: Phaedra Side Sillaro River Phaedra Access to Kisiwa Iron Coating
Blueprint Delivery Side Nanga Oliana Access to Tucma Lightning Rod
1,200 Pansuns
Bonfire Restored Side Kilima Peaks Kyle {{{Requirements}}} TC028: Quetza-leño
Broken Chawan (quest) Side Uhuru Postal Worker Access to Miyako Village TC033: Purgation
Cultist Hunt Side Kupeleleza Valentina {{{Requirements}}} Sweatband
Dr. Hamijo’s Anahir Side Anak Volcano Dr. Hamijo None Anahir
Ecosystem Balance Side Neoedo Taeko Access to the Rice Fields TC030: Data Corruption, Mimit appears in Iwaba
Endaira's Quest Side Arissola Laura Access to Kisiwa and Neoedo DoubleScreen
Sensei Robe
Finding Aina Side Meadowdale Maricarmen None TC042: Rush
Fishcraft Side {{{Starting_Location}}} {{{Starting_NPC}}} {{{Requirements}}} {{{Reward}}}
For Science! Side Historical Customs Office Akihiro None Drill
Incubator device
Gone with the Sillaro Side Zadar Clara Surfboard TC001: Tsunami
Gotta StickTem All! Side Thalassian Cliffs Feriha None Marbles
Building Blocks
Spirits’ Favor x3
Refreshing Diabolo
TemCardX x1
Classic Scooter
Heartbeats Side Vumbi Dojo Jeremy Gravitonic piolets TC027: Untangle
Baton Pass
Homework Side Mokupuni Sanyu None TC004: Wake Up
If You Build It Side Coral Plaza Salamasina Access to Kisiwa
Completion of On Solid Footing?
Key to your house
In Mint Condition Side Thalassian Cliffs Feriha Collect 20 stickers for the Gotta StickTem All! side quest. Learning Aid
Access to the Sticker Restorer
Lost Grandpa Side Ryokan Hana Reaquire Crystal Skates Tinfoil Hat
Lost Pendant Side Sillaro River {{{Starting_NPC}}} {{{Requirements}}} TC001: Tsunami
Lottie's Diary Side Giant Banyan {{{Starting_NPC}}} None Brace
Ludogastronomic Dissonance Side Neoedo YaW None Fake Beard
Missing Kids Side Briçal de Mar Headmistress Dolça Surfboard Decoy
Moving In, Freaking Out Side Neoedo Ibrahima None TC032: Refresh
Mushroom Hunting Side Greenglen Forest Daisy None Nutrition Bar
Musical Crystals Side Barafu Glacier Peyton Access to Neoedo Toy Piano
No Head For Numbers Side Briçal de Mar Josep None Vital Apple x2
On Solid Footing? Side Coral Plaza Salamasina {{{Requirements}}} Zadar family dining table
Paparazzo Side Mokupuni or The Flywalk Paparazzo or Visesia Lift key Pillow
Peak Twins Side Loch Aduar Jaxon and Jayden None TemSpotter x5
Perilous Archaeology Side Sillaro River Distressed Archaeologist and Assistant Surfboard Tiny Crystal x30
Pestering Side Aguamarina Caves Marina Surfboard None
Pigepic Fan Side Briçal de Mar Cute Toddler Capture Pigepic and show it to the Cute Toddler Revive
Pub Quiz Side Lochburg Red Deirdre None Bait and up to 1200 Pansuns
QAt the heck... Side Neoedo YaW Completion of:

- Ludogastronomic Dissonance, - Rubbertemin', - Winners Use References || Mom's Lunch
Morale-boosting Whip

Rebuilding Bridges Side Nanga Dojo Tihani Completed Main Story TC037: Sanative Rain
Adrenaline Shot
Refrigerated Vanishings Side Miyako Village Mayu None Matter-Transfer Drone
Registration Trouble Side {{{Starting_Location}}} Trade House Employee {{{Requirements}}} {{{Reward}}}
Ride the Minox Side Greenglen Forest Inn Landlord Completed Main Story Minox Steed
Rubbertemin' Side Neoedo YaW Completion of Ludogastronomic Dissonance, access to the Rice Fields Redirection Device
Salty Business Side The Gifted Bridges Giulia Surfboard Sea Salt x3
Scent x5
Serbatiyo's Wrath (quest) Side Tasa Desert Mhina {{{Requirements}}} TC023: Serbatiyo's Wrath
T&T Side Properton Dolores None Vitamin Complex
Temdeck Up! Side Briçal de Mar Temdeck Manager None 600 unlocked Temdeck slots
Temtem Connoisseur Side Quetzal Temtem Connoisseur {{{Requirements}}} Egg Timer
Temtemed Out Side Uhuru Lyato TC023: Serbatiyo's Wrath TC021: Double Edge
Doppelganger Brooch
The 'Tem in the Shell Side Onsenshima Suzuki Access to Miyako Village TemCardX
The Denizan Icarus Side Thalassian Cliffs Daedalus Barnshe TC003: Turbo Choreography
The Hunt for Captain Malika Side Amethyst Barrens Captain Malika None {{{Reward}}}
The Turquesa Ferry Side Briçal de Mar Theodora Surfboard Revive x2
Smoke Bomb x3
The Writer's Journey Side Turquesa Héctor Access to Miyako Village Hopeless Tonic
TC039: Kesa Gatame
Through a Gate, Darkly Side Sacred Lake Devout Priest None 5000Pansuns
Tour Guide Side Arissola Tour Operator None Umbrella
Travel Writer Side Narwhal Tarlae Access to the Narwhal Lure
Hand Fan
2500 Pansun
Reactive Vial
Coward's Blanket
Truth and Reconciliation Side Prasine Coast Kübra Paharo 230 Pansuns
Wild Imagination Side Arissola Liliana None Energetic Kiwi
Winners Use References Side Neoedo YaW Crystal Skates, completion of Ludogastronomic Dissonance Gravel Bag