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Normal (left) and Luma (right)

Luma Temtem have different coloration compared to normal Temtem. Additionally, they have a Fresnel effect, particle effects, and a bright trail when running in the overworld. Upon entering combat, Luma Temtem emit a bright glow.


The chance to encounter a Luma Temtem in the wild is 1 in 10000. They will always be generated with at least three perfect SVs. The other four stats have a range between 20 and 50, with exception of SPD which is ranged between 1 and 50. These rules do not apply to bred Temtem which inherit the stats from the parents. With one or two Luma parents, the chance for Luma offspring increases to 1 in 1000 and 1 in 100 respectively.[1]

Untamed Temtem with a catch rate of 0, i.e. all third-stage evolutions, cannot be captured and will not appear as Luma. Note that Luma Temtem will also not appear shortly before a server reset or maintenance, from the moment the associated notification icon appears.

Luma Hunting Methods[]

Temtem Radars[]

Temtem Radars can be earned from Dojo Master rematches. Each device targets a specific Temtem evolutionary line, which is indicated on the item tooltip. When activated, some Temtem will appear physically in the overworld and approaching them will trigger a battle. Defeat or capture the Temtem of that radar encounter to increase the chain. Running from a Temtem during a radar encounter or catching/defeating a Temtem in a non-radar encounter will break the chain and destroy the radar.

Radars allow for the chaining of Temtem encounters of that species to increase minimum Single Values and Luma chance as seen below:

  • After the chain reaches 50 encounters, Temtem in the special encounters will start appearing with a minimum SV value of 10
  • Reach 100 encounters and the minimum SV value will be 20
  • Reach 200 encounters and the Luma chance for those Temtem will be multiplied by 5
  • Reach 300 and the Luma multiplier will be 10

Note: Temtem Radars break after 400 encounters or at the end of each week and players will need to get a new one.


Saipark features two Temtem that change each week. These Temtem can have an increased Luma chance compared to normal hunting. Typically, Saipark features increased Luma chances every other week.
As of Early Access 0.6.15 this chance can be from x2 to x4.

Note: Temtem Radars do not function within, and therefore cannot be stacked with, Saipark.

Luma Temtem[]

List of Currently available Luma Temtem
No. Temtem Luma Type(s)
1 2
1 Mimit.pngMimit LumaMimit.png digitalDigital
2 Oree.pngOree LumaOree.png digitalDigital
3 Zaobian.pngZaobian LumaZaobian.png digitalDigital
4 Chromeon.pngChromeon LumaChromeon.png digitalDigital
5 Halzhi.pngHalzhi LumaHalzhi.png digitalDigital
6 Molgu.pngMolgu LumaMolgu.png digitalDigital
7 Platypet.pngPlatypet LumaPlatypet.png waterWater toxicToxic
8 Platox.pngPlatox LumaPlatox.png waterWater toxicToxic
9 Platimous.pngPlatimous LumaPlatimous.png waterWater toxicToxic
10 Swali.pngSwali LumaSwali.png natureNature
11 Loali.pngLoali LumaLoali.png natureNature windWind
12 Tateru.pngTateru LumaTateru.png neutralNeutral
16 Paharo.pngPaharo LumaPaharo.png windWind
17 Paharac.pngPaharac LumaPaharac.png windWind
18 Granpah.pngGranpah LumaGranpah.png windWind
19 Ampling.pngAmpling LumaAmpling.png electricElectric
20 Amphatyr.pngAmphatyr LumaAmphatyr.png electricElectric natureNature
21 Bunbun.pngBunbun LumaBunbun.png earthEarth crystalCrystal
22 Mudrid.pngMudrid LumaMudrid.png earthEarth crystalCrystal
23 Hidody.pngHidody LumaHidody.png natureNature
24 Taifu.pngTaifu LumaTaifu.png natureNature
25 Fomu.pngFomu LumaFomu.png waterWater
26 Wiplump.pngWiplump LumaWiplump.png waterWater windWind
27 Skail.pngSkail LumaSkail.png neutralNeutral
28 Skunch.pngSkunch LumaSkunch.png neutralNeutral meleeMelee
29 Goty.pngGoty LumaGoty.png neutralNeutral
30 Mouflank.pngMouflank LumaMouflank.png neutralNeutral
31 Rhoulder.pngRhoulder LumaRhoulder.png neutralNeutral earthEarth
32 Houchic.pngHouchic LumaHouchic.png mentalMental
33 Tental.pngTental LumaTental.png mentalMental
34 Nagaise.pngNagaise LumaNagaise.png mentalMental waterWater
35 Orphyll.pngOrphyll LumaOrphyll.png natureNature toxicToxic
36 Nidrasil.pngNidrasil LumaNidrasil.png natureNature toxicToxic
37 Banapi.pngBanapi LumaBanapi.png fireFire
38 Capyre.pngCapyre LumaCapyre.png fireFire
39 Lapinite.pngLapinite LumaLapinite.png crystalCrystal
40 Azuroc.pngAzuroc LumaAzuroc.png crystalCrystal
41 Zenoreth.pngZenoreth LumaZenoreth.png crystalCrystal
44 Bigu.pngBigu LumaBigu.png natureNature
45 Babawa.pngBabawa LumaBabawa.png natureNature waterWater
46 0b1.png0b1 Luma0b1.png digitalDigital electricElectric
47 0b10.png0b10 Luma0b10.png digitalDigital electricElectric
48 Kaku.pngKaku LumaKaku.png natureNature
49 Saku.pngSaku LumaSaku.png natureNature windWind
50 Valash.pngValash LumaValash.png neutralNeutral crystalCrystal
53 Barnshe.pngBarnshe LumaBarnshe.png windWind mentalMental
54 Gyalis.pngGyalis LumaGyalis.png crystalCrystal meleeMelee
55 Occlura.pngOcclura LumaOcclura.png crystalCrystal
56 Myx.pngMyx LumaMyx.png crystalCrystal mentalMental
57 Raiber.pngRaiber LumaRaiber.png fireFire
58 Raize.pngRaize LumaRaize.png fireFire
59 Raican.pngRaican LumaRaican.png fireFire
60 Pewki.pngPewki LumaPewki.png waterWater
61 Piraniant.pngPiraniant LumaPiraniant.png waterWater
62 Scarawatt.pngScarawatt LumaScarawatt.png electricElectric
63 Scaravolt.pngScaravolt LumaScaravolt.png electricElectric fireFire
64 Hoglip.pngHoglip LumaHoglip.png digitalDigital fireFire
65 Hedgine.pngHedgine LumaHedgine.png digitalDigital fireFire
66 Osuchi.pngOsuchi LumaOsuchi.png earthEarth
67 Osukan.pngOsukan LumaOsukan.png earthEarth meleeMelee
68 Osukai.pngOsukai LumaOsukai.png earthEarth meleeMelee
69 Saipat.pngSaipat LumaSaipat.png waterWater meleeMelee
70 Pycko.pngPycko LumaPycko.png earthEarth fireFire
71 Drakash.pngDrakash LumaDrakash.png earthEarth fireFire
72 Crystle.pngCrystle LumaCrystle.png crystalCrystal
73 Sherald.pngSherald LumaSherald.png crystalCrystal
74 Tortenite.pngTortenite LumaTortenite.png crystalCrystal toxicToxic
75 Innki.pngInnki LumaInnki.png electricElectric crystalCrystal
78 Cycrox.pngCycrox LumaCycrox.png digitalDigital toxicToxic
79 Hocus.pngHocus LumaHocus.png mentalMental
80 Pocus.pngPocus LumaPocus.png mentalMental
81 Smolzy.pngSmolzy LumaSmolzy.png electricElectric
82 Sparzy.pngSparzy LumaSparzy.png electricElectric
83 Golzy.pngGolzy LumaGolzy.png electricElectric meleeMelee
84 Mushi.pngMushi LumaMushi.png toxicToxic
85 Mushook.pngMushook LumaMushook.png toxicToxic meleeMelee
86 Magmis.pngMagmis LumaMagmis.png fireFire
87 Mastione.pngMastione LumaMastione.png fireFire
88 Umishi.pngUmishi LumaUmishi.png waterWater
89 Ukama.pngUkama LumaUkama.png waterWater
90 Galvanid.pngGalvanid LumaGalvanid.png electricElectric
91 Raignet.pngRaignet LumaRaignet.png electricElectric
92 Smazee.pngSmazee LumaSmazee.png meleeMelee
93 Baboong.pngBaboong LumaBaboong.png meleeMelee
94 Seismunch.pngSeismunch LumaSeismunch.png meleeMelee earthEarth
95 Zizare.pngZizare LumaZizare.png earthEarth
99 Momo.pngMomo LumaMomo.png neutralNeutral
100 Kuri.pngKuri LumaKuri.png earthEarth
101 Kauren.pngKauren LumaKauren.png earthEarth
102 Spriole.pngSpriole LumaSpriole.png natureNature
103 Deendre.pngDeendre LumaDeendre.png natureNature
104 Cerneaf.pngCerneaf LumaCerneaf.png natureNature
105 Toxolotl.pngToxolotl LumaToxolotl.png toxicToxic
106 Noxolotl.pngNoxolotl LumaNoxolotl.png toxicToxic
107 Blooze.pngBlooze LumaBlooze.png toxicToxic
108 Goolder.pngGoolder LumaGoolder.png toxicToxic
109 Zephyruff.pngZephyruff LumaZephyruff.png toxicToxic windWind
110 Volarend.pngVolarend LumaVolarend.png toxicToxic windWind
111 Grumvel.pngGrumvel LumaGrumvel.png earthEarth
112 Grumper.pngGrumper LumaGrumper.png earthEarth electricElectric
113 Ganki.pngGanki LumaGanki.png electricElectric windWind
114 Gazuma.pngGazuma LumaGazuma.png electricElectric windWind
115 Oceara.pngOceara LumaOceara.png waterWater
116 Yowlar.pngYowlar LumaYowlar.png neutralNeutral
117 Droply.pngDroply LumaDroply.png waterWater earthEarth
118 Garyo.pngGaryo LumaGaryo.png waterWater earthEarth
122 Shuine.pngShuine LumaShuine.png crystalCrystal waterWater
123 Nessla.pngNessla LumaNessla.png waterWater electricElectric
124 Valiar.pngValiar LumaValiar.png mentalMental
125 Pupoise.pngPupoise LumaPupoise.png digitalDigital natureNature
126 Loatle.pngLoatle LumaLoatle.png digitalDigital mentalMental
127 Kalazu.pngKalazu LumaKalazu.png waterWater
128 Kalabyss.pngKalabyss LumaKalabyss.png waterWater toxicToxic
129 Adoroboros.pngAdoroboros LumaAdoroboros.png toxicToxic mentalMental
130 Tuwai.pngTuwai LumaTuwai.png windWind
131 Tukai.pngTukai LumaTukai.png windWind waterWater
132 Tulcan.pngTulcan LumaTulcan.png windWind fireFire
133 Tuvine.pngTuvine LumaTuvine.png windWind crystalCrystal
134 Turoc.pngTuroc LumaTuroc.png windWind earthEarth
135 Tuwire.pngTuwire LumaTuwire.png windWind digitalDigital
137 Kinu.pngKinu LumaKinu.png natureNature mentalMental
138 Vulvir.pngVulvir LumaVulvir.png fireFire earthEarth
139 Vulor.pngVulor LumaVulor.png fireFire earthEarth
140 Vulcrane.pngVulcrane LumaVulcrane.png fireFire earthEarth
141 Pigepic.pngPigepic LumaPigepic.png windWind
142 Akranox.pngAkranox LumaAkranox.png earthEarth toxicToxic
143 Koish.pngKoish LumaKoish.png waterWater
144 Vulffy.pngVulffy LumaVulffy.png earthEarth natureNature
145 Chubee.pngChubee LumaChubee.png digitalDigital windWind
146 Waspeen.pngWaspeen LumaWaspeen.png digitalDigital crystalCrystal
161 Anahir.pngAnahir LumaAnahir.png crystalCrystal fireFire
163 Tyranak.pngTyranak LumaTyranak.png fireFire natureNature
164 Volgon.pngVolgon LumaVolgon.png electricElectric


  • Luma Temtem are inspired by the concept of Shiny Pokémon from the Pokémon franchise.
  • Although the first references to Luma Temtem were in the Founder and Guardian Kickstarter reward tiers, the concept of Luma Temtem was not fully fleshed out until Update #5 was published on the 5th of June, 2018.
  • Prior to Early Access 0.5.12, the chance to encounter a Luma in the wild was 1 in 6000.
  • From Early Access 0.5.12 until Early Access 0.6.12, the chance to encounter a Luma in the wild was 1 in 8000.
  • From Early Access 0.6.12 onwards the chance to encounter a Luma in the wild is 1 in 10000
  • The old Luma Egg Ratio from eggs breed before those changes dont apply anymore. All eggs where both parents are Lumas have a chance of 1 in 100 now.