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Items are objects that are stored in the Backpack and can be used for a wide variety of applications. Up to 99 of each item may be stored in the backpack.


General items cannot be used during combat. It includes items such as Scent or Smoke Bomb, that affect the player and its interaction with the world, as well as items with no in-game uses that can be exchanged for Pansuns. They are consumed when used. Several of these items are available at Temporiums.


Scents are used to reduce the amount of untamed encounters.

Item Effect Buy price Sell price
Scent.pngScent Reduces untamed encounters for a while. 60Pansuns.png 30Pansuns.png
Super Scent.pngSuper Scent Greatly reduces untamed encounters for a while. 320Pansuns.png 160Pansuns.png
MaxScent.pngMax Scent Immensely reduces untamed encounters for a while. 1200Pansuns.png 600Pansuns.png


Valuable general items have no use other than selling them.

Item Effect Buy price Sell price
Tiny Crystal.pngTiny Crystal Can be sold at a good price. - 20Pansuns.png
Average Crystal.pngAverage Crystal Can be sold at a good price. - 60Pansuns.png
Huge Crystal.pngHuge Crystal Can be sold at a good price. - 200Pansuns.png
Sea Salt.pngSea Salt Can be sold at a good price. - 300Pansuns.png
Silicon Fragment.pngSilicon Fragment Can be sold at a good price. - 39Pansuns.png
Silicon Shard.pngSilicon Shard Can be sold at a good price. - 299Pansuns.png
Silicon Chunk.pngSilicon Chunk Can be sold at a good price. - 799Pansuns.png

Encounter Rate Boosters

Encounter Rate Boosters can be used to increase encounter rates for Temtem in the wild.

Item Description Buy price Sell price
Pheromones.pngPheromones Increases encounter rate of a Temtem and it's evolutionary line. - 2000Pansuns.png
Radar.pngTemtem Radar Spawns radar-tracked Temtem in the overworld with increased stats and Luma chance. - 1250Pansuns.png


General items that have varying effects that don't fit into any other sub-category.

Item Description Buy price Sell price
Smoke Bomb.pngSmoke Bomb Teleports the Player to the last visited Temporium. 120Pansuns.png 60Pansuns.png
WishYouWell Coin.pngWishYouWell Coin Can be thrown into a Wishing Well for Pansuns and items. - -
Incubator Ticket.pngIncubator Ticket Redeemed at the Breeding Center to instantly hatch a Temtem Egg. - 2500Pansuns.png


Capture items can only be used during combat and serve to tame Temtem. It comprises the different varieties of TemCards that are available. They are consumed when used.

Item Effect Buy price Sell price
TemCard.pngTemCard Allows to capture and tame Temtem. 15Pansuns.png 7Pansuns.png
TemCardPlus.pngTemCard+ Allows to capture and tame Temtem with an increased catch rate. 80Pansuns.png 40Pansuns.png
TemCardPlusPlus.pngTemCard++ Allows to capture and tame Temtem with a greatly increased catch rate. 325Pansuns.png 162Pansuns.png
SaiCard.pngSaiCard Allows to capture and tame Temtem exclusively at Saipark. Variable -
TemCardX.pngTemCardX The ultimate generation of TemCard, a wonder of Cipanki tech. This TemCard never misses its target. - -


Medicine items can be used either during or outside battles and affect the status or stats of Temtem. They are consumed when used. The three main types of medicine are Combat Medicine, TV Fruits, and Telemore Hacks.

Combat Medicine

Combat Medicine is used to restore HP, Stamina, and remove Status Conditions. They can also be used during combat, taking up a Temtem's turn. Several of these items are available at Temporiums.

Name Effect Buy price Sell price
Balm.pngBalm Restores 25 HP. 80Pansuns.png 40Pansuns.png
BalmPlus.pngBalm+ Restores 70 HP. 325Pansuns.png 162Pansuns.png
BalmPlusPlus.pngBalm++ Restores 300 HP. 700Pansuns.png 350Pansuns.png
Ether.pngEther Restores 20 STA. 100Pansuns.png 50Pansuns.png
EtherPlus.pngEther+ Restores 45 STA. 300Pansuns.png 150Pansuns.png
EtherPlusPlus.pngEther++ Restores 150 STA. 650Pansuns.png 325Pansuns.png
Tonic.pngTonic Restores 15 HP and 12 STA. 80Pansuns.png 40Pansuns.png
TonicPlus.pngTonic+ Restores 42 HP and 27 STA. 350Pansuns.png 175Pansuns.png
TonicPlusPlus.pngTonic++ Restores 180 HP and 90 STA. - 300Pansuns.png
Revive.pngRevive Revives with 50% HP and 50% STA. 500Pansuns.png 250Pansuns.png
Power Revive.pngPower Revive Revives with 25% HP and 100% STA. 700Pansuns.png 350Pansuns.png
Full Revive.pngFull Revive Revives with 100% HP and 100% STA. 1,400Pansuns.png 700Pansuns.png
Vital Apple.pngVital Apple Restores 25% HP. 150Pansuns.png 75Pansuns.png
Vital Durian.pngVital Durian Restores 50% HP. 350Pansuns.png 175Pansuns.png
Energetic Kiwi.pngEnergetic Kiwi Restores 25% STA. 150Pansuns.png 75Pansuns.png
Energetic Banana.pngEnergetic Banana Restores 50% STA. 250Pansuns.png 125Pansuns.png
Vigorous Loquat.pngVigorous Loquat Restores 40% HP and 27% STA. 400Pansuns.png 200Pansuns.png
Antidote.pngAntidote Heals the Poisoned status condition. 120Pansuns.png 60Pansuns.png
Awakener.pngAwakener Heals the Asleep status condition. 120Pansuns.png 60Pansuns.png
Cooler.pngCooler Heals the Burned status condition. 200Pansuns.png 100Pansuns.png
Heater.pngHeater Heals the Cold and Frozen status conditions. 200Pansuns.png 100Pansuns.png
Untrapper.pngUntrapper Heals the Trapped status condition. 150Pansuns.png 75Pansuns.png
All Healer.pngAll Healer Removes all status conditions. 250Pansuns.png 125Pansuns.png
Full Restore.pngFull Restore Restores full HP, STA, and heals all Status Conditions. - 237Pansuns.png

TV Fruits

TV Fruits include Enhancer Fruits and Weakener Fruits sold at Mokupuni Fruit Co-op, and Candies sold at FreshFruit Candies. They are used to increase or decrease a Temtem's TVs.

Name Description Buy price Sell price
Enhancer Pineapple.pngEnhancer Pineapple Adds 20 TV to HP. 500Pansuns.png 250Pansuns.png
Enhancer Watermelon.pngEnhancer Watermelon Adds 20 TV to STA. 500Pansuns.png 250Pansuns.png
Enhancer Cherry.pngEnhancer Cherry Adds 20 TV to SPD. 500Pansuns.png 250Pansuns.png
Enhancer Peach.pngEnhancer Peach Adds 20 TV to ATK. 500Pansuns.png 250Pansuns.png
Enhancer Coconut.pngEnhancer Coconut Adds 20 TV to DEF. 500Pansuns.png 250Pansuns.png
Enhancer Mango.pngEnhancer Mango Adds 20 TV to SPATK. 500Pansuns.png 250Pansuns.png
Enhancer Papaya.pngEnhancer Papaya Adds 20 TV to SPDEF. 500Pansuns.png 250Pansuns.png
Enhancer Avocado.pngEnhancer Avocado Adds 50 TV to a random stat below 500. 400Pansuns.png 200Pansuns.png
Weakener Lemon.pngWeakener Lemon Subtracts 20 TV from HP. 350Pansuns.png 175Pansuns.png
Weakener Grapefruit.pngWeakener Grapefruit Subtracts 20 TV from STA. 350Pansuns.png 175Pansuns.png
Weakener Kumquat.pngWeakener Kumquat Subtracts 20 TV from SPD. 350Pansuns.png 175Pansuns.png
Weakener Orange.pngWeakener Orange Subtracts 20 TV from ATK. 350Pansuns.png 175Pansuns.png
Weakener Lime.pngWeakener Lime Subtracts 20 TV from DEF. 350Pansuns.png 175Pansuns.png
Weakener Pomelo.pngWeakener Pomelo Subtracts 20 TV from SPATK. 350Pansuns.png 175Pansuns.png
Weakener Tangerine.pngWeakener Tangerine Subtracts 20 TV from SPDEF. 350Pansuns.png 175Pansuns.png
Weakener Yuzu.pngWeakener Yuzu Subtracts 50 TV from a random stat over 0. 250Pansuns.png 125Pansuns.png
Pineapple Candy.pngPineapple Candy Adds 1 TV to HP. 50Pansuns.png 25Pansuns.png
Watermelon Candy.pngWatermelon Candy Adds 1 TV to STA. 50Pansuns.png 25Pansuns.png
Cherry Candy.pngCherry Candy Adds 1 TV to SPD. 50Pansuns.png 25Pansuns.png
Peach Candy.pngPeach Candy Adds 1 TV to ATK. 50Pansuns.png 25Pansuns.png
Coconut Candy.pngCoconut Candy Adds 1 TV to DEF. 50Pansuns.png 25Pansuns.png
Mango Candy.pngMango Candy Adds 1 TV to SPATK. 50Pansuns.png 25Pansuns.png
Papaya Candy.pngPapaya Candy Adds 1 TV to SPDEF. 50Pansuns.png 25Pansuns.png
Lemon Candy.pngLemon Candy Subtracts 1 TV from HP. 35Pansuns.png 17Pansuns.png
Grapefruit Candy.pngGrapefruit Candy Subtracts 1 TV from STA. 35Pansuns.png 17Pansuns.png
Kumquat Candy.pngKumquat Candy Subtracts 1 TV from SPD. 35Pansuns.png 17Pansuns.png
Orange Candy.pngOrange Candy Subtracts 1 TV from ATK. 35Pansuns.png 17Pansuns.png
Lime Candy.pngLime Candy Subtracts 1 TV from DEF. 35Pansuns.png 17Pansuns.png
Pomelo Candy.pngPomelo Candy Subtracts 1 TV from SPATK. 35Pansuns.png 17Pansuns.png
Tangerine Candy.pngTangerine Candy Subtracts 1 TV from SPDEF. 35Pansuns.png 17Pansuns.png

Telomere Hacks

Telomere Hacks are used to permanently increase a Temtem's SV by 1, or alter their trait. They also reduce any remaining fertility by 1. Currently, the items have limited availability as found in item boxes, loot pools, or rewarded via the FreeTem! Organization. They can not be traded or sold and only apply to Temtem which have the player as Original Tamer.

Name Description
Telomere Hack - HP.pngTelomere Hack - HP Adds 1 SV to HP. Reduces remaining fertility by 1.
Telomere Hack - STA.pngTelomere Hack - STA Adds 1 SV to STA. Reduces remaining fertility by 1.
Telomere Hack - SPD.pngTelomere Hack - SPD Adds 1 SV to SPD. Reduces remaining fertility by 1.
Telomere Hack - ATK.pngTelomere Hack - ATK Adds 1 SV to ATK. Reduces remaining fertility by 1.
Telomere Hack - DEF.pngTelomere Hack - DEF Adds 1 SV to DEF. Reduces remaining fertility by 1.
TelomereHackSPATK.pngTelomere Hack - SPATK Adds 1 SV to SPATK. Reduces remaining fertility by 1.
TelomereHackSPDEF.pngTelomere Hack - SPDEF Adds 1 SV to SPDEF. Reduces remaining fertility by 1.
TelomereHackTraitSwap.pngTelomere Hack - Trait Swap Swaps the trait of the Temtem it's used on. Reduces remaining fertility by 1.


Level items can be used to permanently increase a Temtem's level. They can't be traded and only applies to Temtem which have the player as Original Tamer.

Name Description Sell price
Growth Enhancer.pngGrowth Enhancer Increase a Temtem's level by 1. 1,500Pansuns.png


Gear items can be equipped to a Temtem for varying effects. Distinctions can be made between PvE gear, PvP gear, TV gear, and breeding gear.

PvE Gear

This class of gear affects combat in ways not directly related to the fighting itself.

Name Description Source
Coward's Cloak.pngCoward's Cloak Allows the holding Temtem to gain experience and TV from combat without taking part. Northern spiral part of Sillaro River accessible through Windward Fort.
Decoy.pngDecoy Increases the chance of running away from untamed Temtem Missing Kids side quest
Four-leaf Clover.pngFour-leaf Clover Increases the catch-rate when capturing untamed Temtem. Aguamarina Caves, past the crystal maze.
Lure.pngLure Untamed Temtem are forced to target the bearer. Travel Writer side quest
Squeezer.pngSqueezer Healing items used in battle restore an additional 70% HP. First Aid quest

PvP Gear

PvP Gear primarily focused on battling NPCs and other players.

Name Description Source
Fire Chip.pngFire Chip Damage dealt with Fire type techniques is increased by 10%. Defeating a Lab Assistant within the Anak Volcano.
Hand Fan.pngHand Fan Damage dealt with Wind type techniques is increased by 10%. Travel Writer side quest
Lightning Rod.pngLightning Rod Damage taken from Electric type techniques is reduced by 20%. Blueprint Delivery side quest
Pillow.pngPillow Restores 10% max HP of an Asleep Temtem at turn start. Paparazzo side quest
Pansunscreen.pngPansunscreen Prevents the Burned status condition. Nanga Dojo
Talisman.pngTalisman Prevents the Doomed status condition. Rooftop of Windward Fort after defeating Lady Lottie.
Umbrella.pngUmbrella Damage taken from Water type techniques is reduced by 20%. Tourist Guide side quest
Ice Cube.pngIce Cube Damage taken from Fire type techniques is reduced by 20%. Left lava pool in the Mokupuni Dojo
Energy Drink.pngEnergy Drink Prevents the Asleep status condition. Find Kemal quest
Rock Shield.pngRock Shield Damage taken from Crystal type techniques is reduced by 20%. Find Kemal quest
Sweatband.pngSweatband At the start of the turn, restores 15% of max STA. Cultist Hunt side quest
Tucma Mask.pngTucma Mask Damage taken from Toxic type techniques is reduced by 20%. Given by Naolin after first meeting him.
Snare.pngSnare When attacked, disables the attacker's gear. Blueprint Delivery side quest
Chamomile.pngChamomile When entering the battlefield, removes stat stage changes. Wreck of the Narwhal
Grease.pngGrease Prevents the Trapped status condition. Wreck of the Narwhal
Shuine's Horn.pngShuine's Horn Changes the Temtem's Toxic type techniques to Water type. Beached Narwhal quest
Coat.pngCoat Damage taken from Wind type techniques is reduced by 20%. Travel Writer side quest
Resistance Badge.pngResistance Badge Damage dealt with Neutral type techniques is increased by 15%. Reward from defeating the Vumbi Dojo Master.
War Drum.pngWar Drum Damage dealt with by an ally's physical techniques is increased by 8%. Received from first visit to Upinzani.
Turban.pngTurban Damage received from Earth type techniques is reduced by 20%. Lights, camera, action! side quest .
Handcuffs.pngHandcuffs When user exhausts a Temtem, target also gets 3 turns of the Trapped status condition. Lights, camera, action! side quest
Drill.pngDrill When user attacks target with Evading status condition, removes it first. For Science! side quest
Strange Vest.pngStrange Vest When is attacked with physical techniques, uses the SPDEF stat, and when attacked with special techniques, uses the DEF stat. Purchased at Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies for 5,499Pansuns.png.
Baton Pass.pngBaton Pass Temtem restores 10% max HP upon entering battlefield. Heartbeats side quest
Hopeless Tonic.pngHopeless Tonic Can be used once on the last ally Temtem. Fully restores HP and STA, removes all status conditions and then applies the Doomed status condition for 3 turns. The Writer's Journey side quest
DoubleScreen.pngDoubleScreen Takes 10% less damage from Temtem with two types. Endaira's Quest side quest
Iron Coating.pngIron Coating Deals 10% more damage with Earth type techniques. Better Future: Phaedra side quest
Slingshot.pngSlingshot Increases stat stages of DEF, SPDEF and SPD by 1 when attacking an enemy with x1/4 damage based on type resistances. Prasine Coast, requires the Gravitonic piolets.
Doppelganger Brooch.pngDoppelganger Brooch 50% extra damage against Temtem of the same evolutionary line. Temtemed Out side quest
SenseiRobe.pngSensei Robe Increases damage done by Special Melee Techniques by 25%. Endaira's Quest side quest
AloeVera.pngAloe Vera Increases damage done to Toxic Temtem by 15%. Rice Fields Pickup in the central grass patch.
TinfoilHat.pngTinfoil Hat Damage taken from Digital type techniques is reduced by 30%. Lost Grandpa side quest
Taser.pngTaser When attacking with a physical Electric technique, the target is burned for 1 turn. Neoedo Dojo
Matcha.pngMatcha When resting, removes the Cold status condition and restores 40% STA. ?

Breeding Gear

DNA Strands guarantee specific SVs or a Trait slot to be inherited from the parents onto the offspring. They can be purchased from the Breeding Center shopkeeper. Breeding gears are consumed when bred.

Name Description Buy price Sell price
Vitality DNA Strand.pngVitality DNA Strand This DNA strand ensures the egg inherits the parent's HP. 1,000Pansuns.png 500Pansuns.png
Endurance DNA Strand.pngEndurance DNA Strand This DNA strand ensures the egg inherits the parent's STA. 1,000Pansuns.png 500Pansuns.png
Lithe DNA Strand.pngLithe DNA Strand This DNA strand ensures the egg inherits the parent's SPEED. 1,000Pansuns.png 500Pansuns.png
Aggressive DNA Strand.pngAggressive DNA Strand This DNA strand ensures the egg inherits the parent's ATK. 1,000Pansuns.png 500Pansuns.png
Hardening DNA Strand.pngHardening DNA Strand This DNA strand ensures the egg inherits the parent's DEF. 1,000Pansuns.png 500Pansuns.png
Gifted DNA Strand.pngGifted DNA Strand This DNA strand ensures the egg inherits the parent's SPATK. 1,000Pansuns.png 500Pansuns.png
Dominant DNA Strand.pngDominant DNA Strand This DNA strand ensures the egg inherits the parent's SPDEF. 1,000Pansuns.png 500Pansuns.png
Vigor DNA Strand.pngVigor DNA Strand This DNA strand ensures the egg inherits the parent's HP and STA. 5,000Pansuns.png 2,500Pansuns.png
Mighty DNA Strand.pngMighty DNA Strand This DNA strand ensures the egg inherits the parent's ATK and SPATK. 5,000Pansuns.png 2,500Pansuns.png
Immunity DNA Strand.pngImmunity DNA Strand This DNA strand ensures the egg inherits the parent's DEF and SPDEF. 5,000Pansuns.png 2,500Pansuns.png
Engineered DNA Strand.pngEngineered DNA Strand This DNA strand ensures the egg inherits the parent's trait slot. 10,000Pansuns.png 5,000Pansuns.png

TV Gear

TV Gear are a set of gears that affect how a Temtem gains/loses TVs.

Name Description Location Buy Price
Proteins.pngProteins Doubles the TV gain from defeating Temtem. Giant Banyan. Requires beating Nanga Dojo. -
Eraser.pngEraser User loses half the TVs it would gain from defeating Temtem. West side of the Xolot Reservoir, requires the Gravitonic piolets. -
EraserPlus.pngEraser+ Instead of gaining TVs from defeating Temtem, the holder loses them. On the lower level of Neoedo, just north of Nanto Labs. -
Calm Patch.pngCalm Patch Prevents earning ATK TVs from defeated Temtem. Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies 3,399Pansuns.png
Clumsy Patch.pngClumsy Patch Prevents earning SPATK TVs from defeated Temtem. Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies 3,399Pansuns.png
Fatigue Patch.pngFatigue Patch Prevents earning HP TVs from defeated Temtem. Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies 3,399Pansuns.png
Humble Patch.pngHumble Patch Prevents earning SPDEF TVs from defeated Temtem. Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies 3,399Pansuns.png
Lazy Patch.pngLazy Patch Prevents earning STA TVs from defeated Temtem. Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies 3,399Pansuns.png
Oblivion Patch.pngOblivion Patch Prevents earning TVs from defeated Temtem. Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies 3,399Pansuns.png
Soft Patch.pngSoft Patch Prevents earning DEF TVs from defeated Temtem. Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies 3,399Pansuns.png
Stiff Patch.pngStiff Patch Prevents earning SPD TVs from defeated Temtem. Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies 3,399Pansuns.png


Courses are used outside combat to teach specific Temtem new Techniques.

Technique Courses

These courses are able to be used indefinitely.

Name Source
TechniqueCourse.pngTC001: Tsunami Gone with the Sillaro side quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC002: Stone Wall Windward Fort prison floor, cell in the water. Requires the Surfboard or Acid-Proof Surfboard.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC003: Turbo Choreography The Denizan Icarus side quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC004: Wake Up Study Up side quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC005: Misogi Behind the waterfall in Aguamarina Caves. Requires the Surfboard or Acid-Proof Surfboard.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC006: Magma Cannon Nanga Dojo, in dead-end in the right part of the dojo.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC007: Noxious Bomb Along The Canopath, just west of Nanga.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC008: Awful Song Find Kemal side quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC009: Antitoxins Beached Narwhal quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC010: Confiscate Hidden in the bucket against the north wall in the Prison of Quetzal.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC011: Cage In the Mines of Mictlan.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC012: Rend In the Wreck of the Narwhal.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC013: Block In the grass by rock hopping to the island near the Anak Volcano.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC014: Madness Buff South island in the Xolot Reservoir.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC015: Footwork A Rock Too Far side quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC016: Held Anger First Aid quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC017: Relax In the water in the Kakama Cenote.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC018: Major Slash Freeing bandits side quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC019: Base Jump Thalassian Cliffs, just north of Briçal de Mar. Requires Gravitonic piolets.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC020: Brace Complete the Main Quest Task Testify at the First Archipelago Congress.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC021: Double Edge Temtemed Out side quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC022: Look out Western side of the Bandit Hideout. Requires Gravitonic piolets.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC023: Serbatiyo's Wrath Serbatiyo's Wrath side quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC024: Quicksand Vumbi Dojo
TechniqueCourse.pngTC025: Drought Cave in the south-western Tasa Desert.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC026: Darkness Dark cave inside the Chini Grotto.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC027: Untangle Obtained from defeating Jeremy at the Vumbi Dojo.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC028: Quetza-leño Obtained from the south east of Kilima Peaks as a quest reward.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC029: Zen Meditation Onsenshima in the northwestern corner of the lower floor, behind the building.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC030: Data Corruption Ecosystem Balance side quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC031: Harmful Microwaves Neoedo Dojo in the northeastern corner of the dojo.
TechniqueCourse.pngTC032: Refresh Moving In, Freaking Out side quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC033: Purgation Broken Chawan (quest) side quest
TechniqueCourse.pngTC034: Sharpening Kwea Uplands, requires Crystal Skates
TechniqueCourse.pngTC035: Quartz Dirt Amethyst Barrens, requires Crystal Skates

Egg Technique Courses

Egg Technique Courses are used to apply an egg move to a Temtem without the need to breed it. Currently, the items have limited availability as they can only be found in loot pools and also can't be sold.

Name Description
ETC.pngETC: Anger Egg Technique Course for Anger:
ETC.pngETC: Antitoxins Egg Technique Course for Antitoxins: Advanced antitoxins that cure Poison on the inoculated target.
ETC.pngETC: Bark Shield Egg Technique Course for Bark Shield: Omninenesian Temtem use pieces of Banyan bark as shields, giving the whole team DEF  Stats.
ETC.pngETC: Beta Burst Egg Technique Course for Beta Burst: A mighty beta-wave surge that bombards the target with a subatomic fusillade.
ETC.pngETC: Bestial Charge Egg Technique Course for Bestial Charge: A primal charge, like the stampede on the Kisiwa plains! It inflicts damage on the whole team.
ETC.pngETC: Bubbles Egg Technique Course for Bubbles: Bubbles! <3 This weakens the target by using extreme cuteness.
ETC.pngETC: Burrow Egg Technique Course for Burrow: "In a hole in the ground there lived a Temtem..." which allowed it to Evading Conditionevade for 4 turns.
ETC.pngETC: Clinch Egg Technique Course for Clinch:
ETC.pngETC: Crystal Bite Egg Technique Course for Crystal Bite: What do crystalCrystal Temtem eat? Surely not other Temtem... but they can still take a vicious bite.
ETC.pngETC: Dim Mak Egg Technique Course for Dim Mak: An accurate strike at the target's main pressure point, ignoring its defenses to deal exactly 80 damage without waking it up.
ETC.pngETC: Dust Vortex Egg Technique Course for Dust Vortex: This technique buffs the enemy with the fury of the fiercest Kisiwan sandstorm.
ETC.pngETC: Earth Wave Egg Technique Course for Earth Wave: Feel the earthEarth shake under your feet, rising with Anak-like force - slow, but devastating for the whole team.
ETC.pngETC: Energy Manipulation Egg Technique Course for Energy Manipulation: A simple yet quick mentalMental attack that Exhausted Conditionexhausts the target for 1 turn.
ETC.pngETC: Feather Gatling Egg Technique Course for Feather Gatling: "Even the softest feather becomes a sword if the hand is true." - Miyako proverb.
ETC.pngETC: Flood Egg Technique Course for Flood: Watch the opponent get all bogged down. The whole team gets SPD Stats.
ETC.pngETC: Footwork Egg Technique Course for Footwork: Advanced balance training developed by Tucmani rockhoppers: it confers SPD Stats.
ETC.pngETC: Frond Whip Egg Technique Course for Frond Whip: Feel the true force of natureNature, unleased as a savage lash of the whip!
ETC.pngETC: Goring Egg Technique Course for Goring: You mess with the horns, you get the.... No, wait! This fast neutralNeutral technique does series damage.
ETC.pngETC: Head Charge Egg Technique Course for Head Charge: There are many clever uses for a large skull. This is not one of them, but it's effective.
ETC.pngETC: Humiliating Slap Egg Technique Course for Humiliating Slap: A bruised ego hurts more than a wounded body. This is just the thing! DEF  Stats.
ETC.pngETC: Hyperkinetic Strike Egg Technique Course for Hyperkinetic Strike: When you gotta hit hard and fast - the faster, the harder. Inflicts extra damage depending on the Temtem's SPD.
ETC.pngETC: Iced Stalactite Egg Technique Course for Iced Stalactite: Cold *does* bother you anyway... This giant icicle inflicts damage and also Cold ConditionCold for 3 turns.
ETC.pngETC: Intimidation Egg Technique Course for Intimidation: That "don't mess with me" look makes the target team exhausted for 2 turns.
ETC.pngETC: Lifeful Sap Egg Technique Course for Lifeful Sap: The sap of life, from the living heart of the Giant Banyan. Heals 10% HP for 7 turns.
ETC.pngETC: Lullaby Egg Technique Course for Lullaby: Twinkle twinkle little Tem /Whole opponent team falls Asleep ConditionAsleep for 2 turns.
ETC.pngETC: Martial Strike Egg Technique Course for Martial Strike: Many Melee Temtem are trained to perform this basic but effective technique.
ETC.pngETC: Metabolize Egg Technique Course for Metabolize: This metabolic enhancement reacts to Poisoned Conditionpoison in the target's body by purging it and the caster recovers 15% of health.
ETC.pngETC: Mud Shower Egg Technique Course for Mud Shower: Some of the larger Temtem of the savannah love this earthEarth technique, as messy as it is fun!
ETC.pngETC: Narcoleptic Hit Egg Technique Course for Narcoleptic Hit: A potent attack that exhausts the attacker's psyche, making it Asleep ConditionAsleep for 2 turns.
ETC.pngETC: Ninja Jitsu Egg Technique Course for Ninja Jitsu:
ETC.pngETC: Oshi Dashi Egg Technique Course for Oshi Dashi: Going for the ring-out can be a dangerous Melee move on the smallest islands...
ETC.pngETC: Perfect Jab Egg Technique Course for Perfect Jab: Strike smarter, not harder. Weak, but enemy get DEF Stats.
ETC.pngETC: Psy Surge Egg Technique Course for Psy Surge: An enhanced version of Psy that inflicts so much psychological damage that it bleeds into the somatic.
ETC.pngETC: Rampage Egg Technique Course for Rampage: Temtem might be cute... but when they go on a Rampage, they inflict damage on the whole team.
ETC.pngETC: Roar Egg Technique Course for Roar: A mighty roar at a crucial moment, to intimidate rivals for ATK  Stats.
ETC.pngETC: Urushiol Egg Technique Course for Urushiol: The substance known as Urushiol is a virulent toxic agent.
ETC.pngETC: Tesla Prison Egg Technique Course for Tesla Prison: An electromagnetic trap that does light damage and slows down the target: SPD Stats.


Key items have significant importance in the progress of the player's adventure. They are not consumed upon use. Unlike other items, key items are mostly passive without requiring the user to directly interact with them in the menu. Regular key items have relevance throughout the entire game and can usually be used regardless of story progression, so long as the user is in possession of them.

Name Description
Archipelago Map.pngArchipelago Map Allows the player to explore the Airborne Archipelago.
Surfboard.pngSurfboard Allows the player to surf and traverse water bodies.
Surfboard.pngAcid-proof Surfboard Allows the player to surf and traverse bodies of water and acid.
Crystal Skates.pngCrystal Skates Allow the player to skate through crystal surfaces to avoid sliding.
Tempedia.pngTempedia Stores the data of seen and caught Temtem.
TemessencePhial.pngTemessence Vial Full restores the whole squad.
Rock-HoppingHook.pngRock-hopping hook Used to leap over certain gaps.
Egg Timer.pngEgg Timer Used to tell when your eggs hatch.
GravitonicPiolets.pngGravitonic piolets Used to climb rock-walls and cliffs.
Fishing Rod.pngFishing Rod Used to fish in water.
Matter-Transfer Drone.pngMatter-Transfer Drone Used to teleport to certain parts of the Archipelago.

Quest Items

Quest related items are grouped together in the Key tab. These have important roles related to quests and are usually specific to certain locations.

Name Description Quest
LiftKey.pngElevator Key Allows the player to move through the three regions of Omninesia. Adventure in the Myrisles
LiftKey.pngFort Windward key Opens the dungeons in Windward Fort. First Steps
QuestIcon.pngAirship ticket Allows the player to use the Narwhal to travel between islands. First Steps
QuestIcon.pngBlueprints Schematics meant to be delivered to the Guildmaster of Quetzal. Blueprint Delivery
QuestIcon.pngSigned Authorization Allows the player to access Ulterior Omninesia. Adventure in the Myrisles
QuestIcon.pngMessage in a bottle (Item) Starts the Message in a Bottle quest. Message in a Bottle
QuestIcon.pngLady Lottie's diary Starts Lottie's Diary quest. Lottie's Diary
QuestIcon.pngWater sample A Collectible during Water Supply quest. Water Supply
QuestIcon.pngWater sample B Collectible during Water Supply quest. Water Supply
QuestIcon.pngEmpty water sample vial A Used to store Water sample A. Water Supply
QuestIcon.pngEmpty water sample vial B Used to store Water sample B. Water Supply
QuestIcon.pngFirst-aid medicines Medicine used to heal Octlana. First Aid
QuestIcon.pngAncient Idol This ancient-looking idol seems to have personal significance for Koli, the captian of the Quetzal Guards. Liberate Matthew
QuestIcon.pngScreenplay for "Betrayal at Kilima" Three hundred pages of convoluted dialog... Who the Downbelow writes this stuff!? Lights, camera, action!
QuestIcon.pngAnnotated screenplay 1."What do mine eyes..." 2."Betrayed!" 3."Baodbil of Turquesa!" 4.(with passion!) 5."Fare thee well..." Lights, camera, action!
QuestIcon.pngCell #3 Key A key for a particular cell in the Quetzal prison... unfortunately, not Matthew's. Freeing bandits
QuestIcon.pngTucmani fire torch A torch flaming with Tucmani fire - if someone cares about that detail? Bonfire Restored
LiftKey.pngHotel Key The key to Kalei's room at the Arissola Palace Hotel. On Solid Footing?
QuestIcon.pngProperty Deed This document proves you own a plot of land in Atoll Row, Omninesia. On Solid Footing?
LiftKey.pngKey to your house Gives access to the player's house in Atoll Row. If You Build It
QuestIcon.png"Endaira's Quest" comicbook By the Pansun! The latest issue of the smash-hit comicbook "Endaira's Quest"! Endaira's Quest
QuestIcon.pngTuray's Revenge A very fanciful manga, owned by Ibrahima... and lent to who-knows-who. Moving In, Freaking Out
QuestIcon.pngBarrel of Sake A small barrel of rice wine... a fitting offering to appease the spirits of the place. Angry Kami
QuestIcon.pngBroken Chawan Oh no! The tea bowl is broken... was it your fault?! Broken Chawan (quest)
QuestIcon.pngChawan This tea bowl is a beautiful example of Cimpaki craftsmanship, probably very ancient... Broken Chawan (quest)
QuestIcon.pngTea and Mochi A lovely cup of fine Cipanku matcha and some delicious rice desserts! Intrigue in Cipanku
QuestIcon.pngDevelopment Notes "Step one, increase electric input by 7.2%... Step two, attune to mentalMental polarizer... Step three, reverse polarity to Purple standard..." The 'Tem in the Shell
QuestIcon.pngRevised Dev Notes These contain detailed information on the production process for a new type of TemCard. The 'Tem in the Shell