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Note to editors: This page is intended to describe the various important interfaces throughout the game. This includes where to access them, default hotkeys, the interpretation of bars and symbols, etcetera. Each minor header should be accompanied with a cropped screenshot.


A wide range of interfaces that can not be categorized otherwise are listed here.

Main menu[]

Upon launching the game, the main menu is presented. This menu can currently only be accessed via launch.

  • Continue - Starts the game where the player was the last time the game was closed (server-sided auto-save).
  • Settings - Opens the Settings menu.
  • Redeem - Allows the player to enter codes to receive Kickstarter rewards, Discord pre-order rewards (both no longer obtainable) and paid cosmetics (planned for a future update). Redeemed content is placed in the Player Vault.
  • Exit - Closes the game.


The overworld menu is accessed with the Esc or Tab keys on the keyboard or equivalent keys on controllers. Alternatively it can be opened by right clicking and then clicking on the small transparent tab that appears on the left side of the screen. It consists of a bar with several header icons, each of which expand to a column with icons leading to their own menu screens.

  • Temcard icon
    • Squad - Opens the squad menu displaying the up to six Temtem in the player's squad.
    • Tempedia - Opens the Tempedia storing information on seen and captured Temtem.
    • Mount (not yet accessible)
  • Head icon
  • Compass icon
    • Map - Opens the map of the current region.
    • Quest (not yet accessible)
    • Notifications - Opens the Notifications Center.
  • People icon
    • Interact -
    • Competitive -
    • Friends -
    • Club -
  • Gear icon
    • Settings - Opens the settings menu.
    • Quit Game - Closes the game.

Overworld HUD[]

Several elements are present on the screen while moving through the overworld.

  • Mini-map - A small version of the map is displayed on the top right. A day-night cycle indicator for the upcoming same-named feature is visible as well.
  • Quest Tracker - The Quest Tracker on the right shows the most recent quests and their next objectives. It can be disabled in the Settings.
    • Mainquetsicon.png represents a main quest.
    • Sidequesticon.png represents a side quest.
  • Squad - The bottom right of the screen displays icons of the player's squad Temtem, their levels, their green HP bar (top) and pink experience bar (bottom).
  • Chat - The chat pane is displayed on the bottom left. It can be disabled in the Settings.
  • Notification icon - When a notification occurs, an icon is displayed on the top left. When clicked on, it opens the notification screen listing the most recent active notifications. They usually pertain to server restarts/maintenance or interaction requests.


Map of Deniz

The map can be accessed from the menu or by pressing M on the keyboard. The current iteration of the map only displays the region of the island the player is currently in.

  • General
    • On top of the screen a title bar with the location name and flair text is displayed.
    • Bright teal parts represent areas the player can move on.
    • Darker teal and blue parts represent sections the player can not reach.
    • Bright green and blue parts represent grass and shallow water the player can walk on.
    • Blue parts represent water the player can surf on using the Surfboard and Acid-Proof Surfboard.
    • Vivid red parts represent crystal areas the player can slide or use Crystal Skates on.
    • Wide red lines represent platforms the player can reach using the Rock-hopping hook.
    • Orange lines represent walls the player can climb on using the Gravitonic piolets.
    • Small cyan lines and red lines indicate accessible respectively inaccessible areas or buildings.
  • Icons

Quest Diary[]

The Quest Diary is not yet available.


This serves as the inventory for almost all items, with exception of cosmetics and furniture.

Player Vault[]

The Player Vault can be used to store many items and preserve these between character resets. It is located on the right side in all Temporium buildings, near the shopkeeper. Untradable items are excluded from this functionality, such as Telomere Hacks. The vault is also where redeemed content (such as Kickstarter rewards or paid cosmetics) is stored after entering the redemption codes on the main menu, and such content will also automatically transfer to the vault on character reset.


The following interfaces have to do with Temtem.



Temtem details[]




All interfaces related to Combat are listed here.

Combat HUD[]

Ranked Matchmaking[]

Club Dojo Wars[]

The Club Dojo Wars feature is not yet available.


The Tournaments feature is not yet available.


Interfaces related to Trading are described below.

Trade screen[]

Trading House[]

The Trading House is not yet available.

Player Interaction[]


Tamer card[]





This section deals with interfaces related to character customization and player housing.