Temtem Wiki
Earth type
Effective against fireelectriccrystal
Ineffective against windwaternature
Resistant to fireelectriccrystaltoxic
Weak to waternaturemelee
Admittedly there isn’t a lot of “earth” in the Archipelago, so Earth Temtem are fairly unknown outside their habitat in the western Kisiwan deserts. They tend to be robust and heavy creatures, forged under an inclement sun – and fearless in battle.
~ Kickstarter Update #13[1]

The Earth type is one of the Types that Temtem and their Techniques can have. Earth type Temtem are predominantly featured on Kisiwa.

Type Effectiveness[]

Earth type techniques are very effective against fireFire, electricElectric, and crystalCrystal Temtem, but ineffective against windWind, waterWater, and natureNature Temtem.
Earth type Temtem are resistant to fireFire, electricElectric, crystalCrystal, and toxicToxic techniques, while they are weak to waterWater, natureNature, and meleeMelee techniques.

Earth Temtem[]

Bunbun, Mudrid, Rhoulder, Osuchi, Osukan, Osukai, Pycko, Drakash, Seismunch, Zizare, Kuri, Kauren, Grumvel, Grumper, Droply,

Earth Techniques[]

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Synergy Techniques[]

These techniques get a synergy bonus when used with an Earth type partner. The Techniques Table is broken. Please contact an Administrator


  • The Earth type is represented by the color brown.