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Warning: Skipping Step 2 will cause Asterion to leave the house but appear bugged on the Narwhal. If you leave the Narwhal to Omninesia before speaking with Asterion, you will not be able to re-board the Narwhal and complete the quest. You can complete the quest by doing co-op with a newer player.

Better Future: Asterion
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Sillaro River
Starting NPC Asterion
Requirements Completion of First Steps
Reward Pansuns.png 700 / LV.15 Pewki

Better Future: Asterion is one of the A Better Future sub-quests available to the player shortly after obtaining the Surfboard. Asterion can be found in a house located at the very south of the Sillaro River living with his family.

Note: There are currently elements to this quest that are going to be reworked. Please see the notice at the top of this page.


Talk to Asterion at his house in the Sillaro River.


  1. Ask Adia Turay to help Asterion
    • Adia is at the Airship Terminal in Arissola
  2. Return to Pasiphae's and tell Asterion the good news.
  3. Check on Asterion aboard the Narwhal.
    • You will need to complete First Steps and board the Narwhal. Asterion is at the end of the hall to the left after leaving your cabin.
    • If you choose not to accept the Pansuns, he will give you a level 15 Pewki with 3 perfect SVs.


  • The Pewki given by Asterion used to evolve after 1 level, but this has since been fixed.