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Awful Song
Ninety-nine Temesseeeence viaaaals! This horrible Tucmani drinking song does considerable damage... especially to reputations, inflicting Isolated Condition isolation for 3 turns.
Technique Details
Type neutralNeutral
Class Special
Damage 96
STA Cost 20
Hold 1
Priority 2_Normal
Targeting Single Target
Synergy Details
Used in combination with a neutral Neutral ally, the Awful Song inflicts damage on the whole team.
Synergy neutralNeutral
Targeting Other Team or Ally

Awful Song is a Special neutralNeutral Technique. It's also a Technique Course, labelled as TC008.


Awful Song deals damage to a single target and inflicts them with the Isolated ConditionIsolated Condition for 3 turns.

If used with a neutralNeutral ally, its deals damage to the opposing team or the user's ally. If the user targets themselves and the synergy activates, only the user's ally will be damaged.


Technique Course[]

No. Temtem TC
#025 Fomu.pngFomu TC008
#026 Wiplump.pngWiplump TC008
#033 Tental.pngTental TC008
#034 Nagaise.pngNagaise TC008
#054 Gyalis.pngGyalis TC008

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