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Archipelago Colors
Quest Type Side
Starting Location The Flywalk
Starting NPC Ara
Requirements Access to Tucma and Kisiwa
Reward 3600 Pansuns.png

Archipelago Colors is a quest in which the player collects paint for Ara.


Speak with Ara in The Flywalk


  1. Get some purple paint from Luisouvenirs ((Brical de Mar))
    • She will give you 1,100 Pansuns for travel expenses.
    • This is the same place you got the Temessence vial from in Briçal de Mar
  2. Bring the purple paint to Ara in The Flywalk or Kisiwa.
    • Ara is in Kisiwa.
    • She will award you with 400 Pansuns for bringing her the purple paint.
  3. Find some alizarin red.
    • Ara says the dye can be found in the Mines of Mictlan.
    • The dye is obtained from a roaming scientist to the left down the ledge near the exit of the mines on island 3.
  4. Bring the alizarin pigment to Ara, in Omninesia or Kisiwa
    • Ara is in The Flywalk where you first encountered her.
    • She will award you with 600 Pansuns for bringing her the red paint.
  5. Acquire lapiz blue pigment in Kisiwa.
    • You can find the pigment in the north cave in Tasa Desert.
  6. Find Ara and give her the lapis blue pigment.

She will award you with 1500 Pansuns for bringing her the blue paint.


After completing the main quest in Kisiwa, Ara moves to a house in Uhuru.


Locations of the purple paint, alizarin red, lapiz blue pigment and Ara's house in Uhuru

Purple Paint Location.png AlizarinRedLocation.jpg LapizBlueLocation.png AraLocationKisiwa.png